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Auto Level Royalty Incentive (Income), will be in the Matrix of 1 X 5 X 5 X 5 .....................

  1. Eminent Future India (EFI) will continuously endeavor to increase it's business - volume at all times and with each passing day.
  2. No doubt, to achieve this objective, it will have to lean heavily on an unconditional; 100% voluntary; continuous and active support of all it's leaders and existing /already enrolled IBAs.
  3. Quite obviously, if it wants to increase it's customer - base / business; it is called for - as an earnest duty on it's part, not to lose / ignore even a single person / new - comer (intending to join it as it's IBA). We know that driving even a single person will ultimately transform into a huge customer - force.
  4. For this, sometimes, it may need to satisfy a new person on various issues / queries - such as, about it's business, income - plan and future - prospects; etc.
  5. Here, it may entail / involve, giving a reference of any of it's leader(s) and / or IBA(s) - near / nearer to such a new person (making enquiries / having doubts) and expect the so referred to leader(s) and / or IBA(s) to (but fully) entertain such new person (contacting him / them personally or telephonically) and to give truthful; factual and positive replies to all the doubts / queries raised and to motivate to join the EFI's business.
  6. So, ‘EFI' deems to have full liberty to give reference(s) of any of it's leader(s) / IBA(s) in the above - context and expects, all such referred to leaders / IBAs, not to feel offended and / or have any grudge or complaint against the 'EFI'.
  7. It is believed that the 'Collective - Efforts' , as above, would go a long way in increasing the customer - base and promoting & developing the business of 'EFI' by leaps and bounds, with each passing day.
  8. As a consequence, 'EFI' will feel enable to quickly reach / achieve / attain it's targetted / planned Business - Levels and to disburse conveniently the 'Auto Level Royalty Incentive', to all it's IBAs,as per the under - given Table.
  9. In the end, 'EFI' is proud to have a strong -hold of 'Enlightened - Mind' persons as it's Leaders & IBAs; who, definitely, would not be-lie it's 'Hopes and Beliefs' from them. Let! us wish well to each other collectively.

We think ₹2,45,40,000 is very handsome amount from only ₹500...

Withdrawal fees 5% for every transaction. No fees for pin creation

Deposit and withdrawal only from only INR

Thanks.... and Best of Luck

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