Auto Level Royalty Incentive (Income), will be in the Matrix of 1 X 5 X 5 X 5 .....................

  1. Eminent Future India (EFI) will continuously endeavor to increase it's business - volume at all times and with each passing day.
  2. No doubt, to achieve this objective, it will have to lean heavily on an unconditional; 100% voluntary; continuous and active support of all it's leaders and existing /already enrolled IBAs.
  3. Quite obviously, if it wants to increase it's customer - base / business; it is called for - as an earnest duty on it's part, not to lose / ignore even a single person / new - comer (intending to join it as it's IBA). We know that driving even a single person will ultimately transform into a huge customer - force.
  4. For this, sometimes, it may need to satisfy a new person on various issues / queries - such as, about it's business, income - plan and future - prospects; etc.
  5. Here, it may entail / involve, giving a reference of any of it's leader(s) and / or IBA(s) - near / nearer to such a new person (making enquiries / having doubts) and expect the so referred to leader(s) and / or IBA(s) to (but fully) entertain such new person (contacting him / them personally or telephonically) and to give truthful; factual and positive replies to all the doubts / queries raised and to motivate to join the EFI's business.
  6. So, ‘EFI' deems to have full liberty to give reference(s) of any of it's leader(s) / IBA(s) in the above - context and expects, all such referred to leaders / IBAs, not to feel offended and / or have any grudge or complaint against the 'EFI'.
  7. It is believed that the 'Collective - Efforts' , as above, would go a long way in increasing the customer - base and promoting & developing the business of 'EFI' by leaps and bounds, with each passing day.
  8. As a consequence, 'EFI' will feel enable to quickly reach / achieve / attain it's targetted / planned Business - Levels and to disburse conveniently the 'Auto Level Royalty Incentive', to all it's IBAs,as per the under - given Table.
  9. In the end, 'EFI' is proud to have a strong -hold of 'Enlightened - Mind' persons as it's Leaders & IBAs; who, definitely, would not be-lie it's 'Hopes and Beliefs' from them. Let! us wish well to each other collectively.



Any person purchasing our Product will, automatically get an opportunity and be eligible withoutpayinganyadditional ‘FEE’, to do / start her / his own Independent Business as per the ‘EFI’s Bumper Income Business Plan. Such a person will be known as EFI’s IBA (an ordinary, normal or a regular IBA), i.e., our Independent Business Associate.In ‘EXCEPTIONAL’ cases, where a person will not purchase the Product, but will do business, as per the EFI’s Business Plan (before getting herself / himself converted into / elevated to the status of an IBA), will be known as our ‘PBA’. i.e., Promotional Business Associate.

However, any IBA, putting in extra – efforts; giving faster results in lesser times and showing excellence in performance; will be known / reckoned as EFI’s ‘FAST – TRACK IBA’.




1. Income As Direct Sales Commission:-

Both – IBAs and Fast – Track IBAs, will get this income, as per the EFI’s prescribed rate; in direct proportion to the work done by them(without any discrimination), i.e.,for the total number of direct – sales, brought – in by them.

2. Income As Own Level Incentive:-

To both – IBAs and Fast – Track IBAs, on adding a minimum of 3 Direct / New IBAs (own additions). There is no Time limit.However, it is hoped that in their own financial interest, they would like to accomplish thissmall target at their earliest.

3. Income As Auto – Level Royalty Incentive:-

i. Income upto First 3 Levels–This income will be given to both – a normal IBA and a Fast – Track IBA, upto first 3 levels,automatically and without any requirement on their part to add any new IBAs;as an act of gratitude on the part of the EFI and to signify start of paying the Royalty Income.

ii. Income From 4th Level to 10th Level –

a) To An IBA – On adding, level – wise prescribed number of new IBAs, totalling 71 new IBAs from 4th level to 10th level.There is no time limit. However, it is hoped that in view of their own financial interests, all IBAs, will try to accomplish / complete these level – wise new additions at their earliest; though there would not be any pressure from the EFI.

b) To A Fast – Track IBA –if she / he, herself / himself and each one of her / his any 3 Direct IBAs,qualify for ‘Own – Level Incentive’ within 15 days of her / his joining; without any requirement to add level – wise prescribed new IBAs, totalling 71. Thus, she / he will be saved of the botheration of adding 71 newIBAs – apparently a big relief. And, on the other hand, will receive in due course of time, the total ‘Bumper Income’, viz., Rs. 2,45,40,000/-.

isn’t it a ‘Wonderful Award’ to a Fast – Track IBA?

Will every IBA, not try to become a Fast – Track IBA?

Deductions: TDS and Other Deductions as per Govt. / Company Norms

Business Closing Dates: 11th, 21st and last date of every Month (midnight closing).

Payout Date: After Closing of Business and within 10 days thereof, there will be ‘Automatic Transfer of Income’ into Bank Accounts of eligible IBAs.

Mode of Payment: Only in INR, Paytm/Phonepe: 9958222834,
BHIM: [email protected]

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