Any person of the age of 14 years and above can become and function as ‘IBA’ (Independent Business Associate) of ‘EFI’
1. Any person interested in our product and who purchases it,automatically becomes our ‘IBA’, simultaneous to the purchase or once the purchase is confirmed by she / he after the Free Look Period.
2. She / he becomes eligible to do and develop her / his own independent business as per the EFI’s Business Plan, with immediate effect.

The Golden Features / Plus Points of Being an ‘IBA’

1. This opportunity to do business is being given to all, along with the product, absolutely ‘FREE’ and without any discrimination of caste, race, religion, region, gender, education and / or financial status.
2. The only expenditure involved is towards the cost / price of the product being purchased (as is the case with purchase of any other product of any other supplier / manufacturer).
3. No ‘Fee’ is being charged for offering the ‘Business Opportunity‘, no ‘Deposit’ is being asked for and also no ‘Investment’ needs to be done with ‘EFI’ in any manner, whatsoever.
4. Due to the ‘Golden Feature’, stated at no. 3 above, no ‘Fraud’ with the hard earned money of public, can ever take place with the ‘EFI’, as is common with various other net - working companies – who cheat the investors and fly with their funds invested / deposited with them overnight . Due to such ‘Night Fliers’ only, the Govt. of India felt the need to regulate the ‘MLM / Net - Working Business’ and issued guidelines to seek registration with Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food & Public Distribution, Department of the Consumer Affairs, Govt. of India, vide. the O.M. dated 09 September, 2016.
5. So, it is ‘safest’ to do business with the ‘EFI’, whose is just a ‘ZERO INVESTMENT’ Business Plan . Beyond paying the price of the product, it’s IBA need not invest even a single rupee with the ‘EFI,’ to start her / his own business.
6. Doing and developing her / his own business as per the ‘Business Plan’ of the ‘EFI’, an IBA can earn income running from hundreds to thousands to lakhs and going up to crores of rupees, in due course of time - solely depending upon her / his contacts, sincerity, time spent and the work done.
7. An IBA will be eligible / entitled and earn all the 3 types of incomes, viz.; (i) Direct Sales Commission (ii) Own Level Income / Incentive and (iii) Royalty Income from EFI’s Overall Auto level of Performance. Needless to say, any person seeking ‘Financial Freedom’ within a short period, will choose to become our ‘IBA’ without delay even by a second and without any motivation or pursuation by the ‘EFI’. She / he will shift to ‘Auto Motivation Mode’ immediately after going through the ‘EFI’s Business Plan’.


Any person of the age of 14 years and above can become and function as PBA (Promotional Business Associate) of ‘EFI’. Any person who has due knowledge of the ‘Product’ and the ‘Business Plan’ of the ‘EFI’ and is interested in joining the ‘EFI’ for the purpose of developing her / his own business as per the Business Plan of the EFI ; but has no money to purchase it’s Product and become it’s IBA ; can also be allowed to join the ‘EFI’. Her / his designation will be ‘PBA’ of the ‘EFI’.

The key – features of a ‘PBA’ Scheme

1. This is a very-very special program, based on human-considerations, by way of an ‘EXCEPTION’ to becoming an IBA.
2. ‘EFI’ does not want to deprive anybody from gaining ‘Financial Freedom’ in these hard - times; and / or to improve her / his ‘Standard of Living’; and / or to enhance or supplement her / his ‘Income Prospects’.
3. With the above noble – motive, ‘EFI’ has decided to permit even those – who, due to any demn reason or acute financial shortage, are unable to purchase it’s Product and become an IBA, but are ‘KEEN’ to start their own independent business as per the Business Plan of the ‘EFI’.
4. As these persons, in a way, will simply be promoting the business of the ‘EFI’; they will be called as ‘Promotional Business Associates’ (PBAs) of the ‘EFI’.
5. Accordingly, it will not be necessary for a person joining ‘EFI’ as it’s ‘PBA’ to purchase it’s Product to start and develop her / his own independent business.
6. The PBA’s role will be to bring business to the ‘EFI’ by persuading / motivating her / his contacts to purchase the EFI’s Product and become it’s IBAs.
7. In turn, a PBA will be entitled to ‘Direct Sales Commission’ as income, on all the sales completed / done / finished by her / him. A PBA, as such, will not earn any income by motivating any other person to join ‘EFI’ as it’s PBA, like her / him; since by getting another person to join as a PBA, actually no sale will get done.
8. A PBA, however, will not get the other two types of incomes, viz., Own Level Commission and the Royalty Income on ‘EFIs’ Overall Auto Level Performance, payable to an IBA.
9. Therefore, it will be in own interests of any PBA to get herself / himself converted into / elevated to / acquire the status of an IBA, at her / his earliest. Otherwise, she / he will incur heavy financial losses, due to non – earning of all the three incomes.
10. So, EFI, from it’s side, will not compel or force any PBA to become it’s IBA or impose any penalty on her / him for not becoming an IBA. A person may continue as PBA till she / he so wishes or may be even for life – long. After all, what is the loss to EFI? Obviously and apparently – ‘NOTHING’. If anybody will be at a loss,it will be the PBA herself / himself
11. A PBA will be allotted a ‘PURPLE COLOR’ code for identification as a PBA, till she / he gets converted into an IBA.


So, advice to all PBAs from the ‘EFI’ is / will be to get themselves converted into IBAs at their earliest to avoid – quite avoidable, permanent and huge financial losses – which may run into lakhs or even in crores of rupees. Any delay in becoming an IBA, may prove fatal to them with each passing day.


Ironically and quite surprisingly, the ‘Stage of Fortune’- where all the 3 types of incomes will come raining on a PBA, may come even on the same / very first day of joining; provided the PBA proceeds wisely.


At the rate of 20% Direct Sales Commission, the income generated from just 6 sales (even after deduction of TDS and Admin. Charges) by a PBA, will equal to or rather be more than the purchase price of the EFI’s Product and will enable her / him to become it’s IBA the same day.


Despite shortage of funds or no funds -

isn't it so simple to become IBA?!

isn't it workable with due planning?!

isn't a PBA for one day only at the maximum?!

So, why hesitate ? Why any delay ? If can’t join as an IBA to start with, just join as a PBA right now.

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