About Us

about us

‘Eminent Future India’; Delhi (Website:www.eminentfuture.com) has been set up with the foresight and planning of Mr Jay Shankar Mishra, a man with over a decade of experience in the sector of Insurance & Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and honoured for his distinguished services of shouldering the responsibilities towards social welfare and for the upliftment of the marginalized people, specially those below poverty line, by the ‘Life Insurance Corporation of India’.

Our Guiding Principle

We believe - "The real satisfaction of the clients of any Organization automatically generates Genuine Recommendations by them to others and constitutes the greatest medium of Promotion for any Business; even without any concrete promotional efforts by the Organization."

Our Vision

To attain Financial Freedom for every Indian by the year 2021.

Our Mission

To strive relentlessly for empowering every Indian with FINANCIAL FREEDOM by effectively leveraging their limited resources for earning and to enhance their quality of life by making available to them products and services fetching exuberant returns.

Our Objective

To eliminate the word FAILURE from the lives of all those who join us.


Direct Marketing (DM) is a system where the products move directly from the Organization to Consumers through it’s Independent Business Associates (IBAs). It eliminates substantial expenditure normally incurred by an Organization on publicity, advertisements and middlemen and thus saves lot of money and time. The objective of selling / marketing through DM is to spread awareness about and make available quality products and services to masses at large through publicity by mouth by users themselves. It is an excellent technique to increase customer – base and a smart way to START ONE’S OWN Business. This system thus helps the Organization to grow it’s business and earn more while getting a loyal customers base. Further, it helps an individual to own a High Return Business with Low Investment, which can be started even in her / his part time and from her / his home conveniently. It, thus, enables her / him to – ‘Earn handsomely while becoming her / his OWN BOSS’ with Minimal Inputs and without any RISK.

Direct Marketing (DM) with Eminent Future India!!!

  • Buy Our Joining Package.
  • Gain Health and Earn Wealth.
  • Recommend to your Friends, Relatives and other Acquaintances.
  • When they Join, you happen to EARN.
  • If THEY, in – turn, further recommend to others, you happen to EARN MORE.


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